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Trip advisor - Spirited Adventure.
Apr 2024 • Friends
Honestly, this was one of the best experiences I've had. As someone who hasn't done much outdoors, I left this experience wanting to pick the hobby up on a serious level. Coming in I didn't know what to expect from the visit but James and the crew made it a weekend to remember forever. They were informative and super friendly, took their time to explain, and allowed us all to get super involved in everything and anything. 

We went for a stag weekend to do something different than the ordinary stag parties. This did not disappoint.

If anyone hasn't had much exposure to the true outdoors - I can recommend Spirited Adventure 100%.

We had a fantastic time on our bushcraft day. James was a great instructor and we learnt a lot from all the different skills we experienced. Bread making was fun, especially cooking it over the fire we had made. Highly recommend and great value for money.

My son Tom had the pleasure of visiting Spirited Adventure in 2019 when they were in Hampshire. He took part in a six-week adventure followed by a two day camp, experienced a one to one session with James, had the opportunity for some work experience and took part in the weekly Rifle club. 

The time that Tom spent with James was valuable beyond measure. Having recently left school to be home educated at the age of 14 he also was having a very difficult time with his father. James not only provided a highly professional service but also was incredibly supportive and encouraging to all the children who took part in the adventure camp. They had the opportunity to learn many new skills including bushcraft, purifying water, building a camp, raft building and, on the last day, carried out a rescue mission to further the skills already learnt. I have included some photos.

All of this further increased my sons’ interest in the natural world and enabled him to have a clearer idea of the direction he would like to take in life. Despite the distance between us, Tom is planning on visiting Spirited Adventure very soon.

What James offers with Spirited Adventure is invaluable to so many people. James is highly experienced, empathic, knowledgeable and has a true desire to help people from all walks of life. There are some things that money cannot buy, and a sense of peace and well-being outranks anything financial.


Yours faithfully

Miss H Gibbs

"Hampshire Youth Offending Team were really pleased to work with Spirited Adventure in October 2018. Three of our young people very much enjoyed the experience in learning some basic bush craft skills, such as how to light and sustain a fire in the wilderness. The session leader, James Hehir, is very experienced and engaged really well with our young people. They responded to him very well and appreciated the opportunity to engage in this session. Hampshire Youth Offending Team would be pleased to work with Spirited Adventure again in the future."  Assistant Team Manager.

"We all had a brilliant time - especially the air rifles and archery. Location is amazing. Kids had a ball. Thank you James!."


Gabby and Ed


"I had a great time at Spirited Adventure. An extremely friendly atmosphere, with great hosts. I really enjoyed the shooting course. Was a great experience as my first camping trip and I would love to go back."


Louise Rivett


"Beautiful site and great fun. I'll definitely be back with more friends as it's a fantastic weekend away with only a short drive from London. I love the wild camping and the food and coffees taste better made on the fire! James was very welcoming and the course was professional, yet laid-back."


Danelle Roux & Husband


"Jacob and I had a great time with the guys at Spirited Adventure this summer. During our weekend stay we were given expert training in marksmanship techniques. We had great fun shooting the balloons and the Flash-bangs and we both saw real improvement with our accuracy as the course developed. James and the team made us feel really welcome and relaxed - it's a great way to unwind in the fresh air - see you next year guys :-)"


John Chamberlain & Son