72 Hour Survival Challenge

Age 14+ (under 16 with parent/guardian)

Minimum group size 8 people

Maximum group size 24 people


Bespoke booking required


Have you got what it takes to survive in the wild?

Learn the skills to stay alive and take the 72 hour Survival Challenge.  

Will you be able to find water, build a fire, make a shelter and

prepare wild food to survive until rescue?


Brief Outline

 This “72 Hour Survival Challenge” will be structured by progressive learning.

Participants will be instructed with clear demonstrations on how to achieve an aspect of survival, then it's up to you!


The Challenge aspect of this adventure comes in the form of self achievement, each participant will be responsible for their own survival efforts and complete each challenge before moving on to the next aspect of survival.


Participants will be shown how to construct shelters, make fire, collect water and prepare wild game for food, but it's up to each participant to successfully complete each challenge if they want to stay warm, dry and well fed.


Instructors will be on hand for encouragement and assistance if required, so don't panic, it all sounds more difficult than it actually is (honest).


The emphasis over the 3 days is to have fun and enjoyment while learning survival skills and discovering if you have the wright stuff to survive in the wild until rescue.


Charity Fund Raising

This Adventure is ideal for those institutions, organisations and businesses looking for people who wish to undertake a challenge and raise money for a charity organisation.


Many people every year challenge themselves to complete the "Three Peaks Challenge", "The London Marathon "and "summit Mount Snowdon" for charity and raise money for worth while projects. This 72 Hour Survival Challenge is just the same, the participants will have to do all the hard work themselves in order to complete the challenge.

Book & Pay

£400 per person - Half catered for (game food provided for evening meal)

£500 per person - fully catered for (breakfast, lunch & evening wild game meal)

Participants responsible for own fund raising


All children under 16 must be accompanied with *parent/guardian.

*Parent/guardian with a child no charge.


Discount available for family/siblings booking.

Discount available for an entire group booking.

72 Hour Survival Challenge



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72 Hour Survival Challenge activities

Participants will be challenged to complete

to survive before rescue.


Day 1

  • 1, Build a debris shelter from sticks and leaves to sleep in for 2 nights.
  • 2, Procure water from the environment utilising survival skills.
  • 3, Fire starting methods, blow tinder bundles into flame and build a fire.
  • 4, Prepare and cook wild game for an evening meal.


Day 2

  • 5, Find and purify water by building a 3 layer filter system.
  • 6, Build a fire to boil filtered water.
  • 7, Make a working trap for wild game.
  • 8, Prepare and cook wild game for an evening meal.


Day 3

  • 9, Build a signal fire.
  • 10, Friction fire, the bow drill.
  • 11, Survival Navigation.
  • 12, Signal for rescue.

Do you have 'what it takes' to survive until rescue? Good luck.

Further details will follow during your booking process such as;

What we provide. What you need to bring. Food menus etc.