Bushcraft & Survival Skills

8 Hours - (full day 9-5pm)

Children aged 8+ with Parent/guardian

Min group size 4

Max group size 12

A full day spending time in the woods with friends, family or in a group is a great way to experience bushcraft skills and activities. Learning new skills and honing existing ones you'll gain confidence and experience allowing you to survive in the wild, if you ever have too.


Skills & Activities

Debris Shelter Building

Your day will start by building a debris shelter from the resources available from the woodland. Once you've built your shelter it will serve as your base camp for all your bushcraft activities throughout the day.


Knife & Saw

Using a bushcraft knife and saw safely are very important bushcraft skills to master. You'll be shown how to make your own tent pegs, mallet, feather sticks and a pot hanger.

Techniques will include knife and saw safety, passing a blade to others, battoning, stopper cuts and various hand holds for safe cutting.



Please bring your own food, snacks and drinks for the day.

Fresh water, tea & coffee will be available throughout the day.


Water - How to find it and make it safe to drink

Without safe drinkable water in the wilderness, you are in big trouble, our instructors will show you how to find it and make it safe to drink.


Once you have a water supply you must make a filter system to reduce the sediment and finally boil it which makes it safe to drink.


Fire Lighting

Our instructors will show you numerous fire lighting skills. Using Ferro rods to ignite a selection of man made and different natural materials to create fire. Try blowing a tinder bundle into flame and even a bow drill friction fire.


Our instructors will show you how to collect your kindling and prepare a small fire lay. Now it's up to you and put into practice what you've learnt to light your fires.


Once your fire is established you must use your pot hanger to boil your filtered water in and finally our instructor will show you how to make and cook damper bread on your fire. 



Congratulations you will now be able to survive in the wilderness.

Book & Pay

£75 per person

All children under 16 must be accompanied with *parent/guardian.

*Parent/guardian with a child no charge.


Discount available for family/siblings booking.

Discount available for an **entire group booking.


**Entire group booking, skills taught and activities can be altered to suit the group.


Bushcraft & Survival Skills 8 Hours



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Tinder Bundle Fire Lighting

Fire Without Matches

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