Bushcraft & Survival Skills

"Elemental Adventure"

8 Hours - (full day 9-5pm)

All children under 16 will require parental/adult assistance throughout.

Min. age 8+

Min. group size 4

Max. group size 12

A full day in the woods with friends, family or in a group is a great way to experience bushcraft skills and activities. Learning new skills and honing existing ones you'll gain confidence and experience allowing you to survive in the wild, if you ever have too.


Knife Skills, Shelter, Water, Fire & Food.

Your day consists of learning skills and techniques in a simulated survival situation.

Our instructors will guide you through the necessary skills to survive in the wild.


Knife Skills

Learn how to safely use bushcraft cutting tools such as saws and knives .


What is shelter? The importance of shelter. Where to build shelter.

Set up a tarp or debris shelter for protection against the weather.


Why we need water. How to find it.

Make a water filter and how to make water safe to drink.


Why do we need fire? Psychological benefit of Fire.

Try various ignition techniques man made and natural.

Look at several fire lays.

Construct a fire to cook on.


Make bannock or damper breads with foraged woodland ingredients.

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£75 per person

All children under 16 must be accompanied with *parent/guardian.





Bushcraft & Survival Skills 8 Hours



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