Bushcraft & Survival Skills

"Essential Adventure"

4 Hours - (9am-1pm & 2-6pm)

Children aged 8+ with Parent/guardian

Min group size 4

Max group size 12

Bushcraft & Survival Skills for 4 hours is groundwork session concentrating on

Cutting Tools and Fire Lighting skills.


Learn how to safely use bushcraft saws and knives whilst making pot hangers and other useful camp items. 


Understanding how to prepare and ignite a fire is a fundamental bushcraft skill.

Try various man-made and natural ignition methods to create your own fire.



Book & Pay

£45 per person

All children under 16 must be accompanied with *parent/guardian.

*Parent/guardian with a child no charge.


Discount available for family/siblings booking.

Discount available for an **entire group booking.


**Entire group booking, skills taught and activities can be altered to suit the group.


Bushcraft & Survival Skills 4 Hours



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