Bushcraft Club

Twice a month

10.30 - 3pm



Children aged 8+ with Parent/guardian

Parents/guardians are encouraged to join in or

simply relax with refreshments at our parachute H.Q.


Max group size 10


Awaken the adventurers within your children. Learn how to start fires, cook outdoors, build shelters and make bushcraft items such as tent pegs, pot hangers and Swedish fire logs.

Wear your wellies, pack your lunches, bring a sense of adventure with you and spend the day experiencing new skills in the great outdoors. 


The Bushcraft Club is ideal for family or Home Ed groups, or if you’re looking for an activity during the school holidays. We have 13 acres of woodland with parachutes, tents, fire pits and much more. Our aim is for everyone to have an excellent experience and leave feeling like they have acquired new skills.


Parents/guardians are expected to help their children if they are very young or struggling with the projects.


To maximise everyone’s fun and enjoyment group sizes are kept small -  a maximum 10 children with accompanying parents/guardians. It’s a fortnightly meet-up starting on the second Wednesday of the month. To secure a place please book and pay in advance.


Spirited Adventure reserves to right to change, alter or adjust the activity due to bad weather, group ability etc.



"It has been my family’s great pleasure over the past 4 years to have had the opportunity of spending time with Spirited Adventure at their previous location in Hampshire.


As parents of two 11 year old girls we, along with most other parents, grapple with the ceaseless encroachment of technology into our children’s lives. Whilst the benefits of this technology are potentially huge it must also be balanced with a knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the real world around us. 


Spirited Adventure has allowed my family the opportunity to visit somewhere which is completely ‘back to nature’. During our past visits my children have learnt bush craft skills, survival skills and camp skills. They have had the chance to shoot air rifles at the firing range; they have learnt and experienced how to wild fish using only what is available around them and they have gained many skills and techniques to better equip them for everyday life in the real world. 


It is not the individual activities that I see as the benefits of these visits to Spirited Adventure but rather the skills gained by my children from endeavouring to do them; skills such as problem solving, lateral thinking and group dynamics all of which developed in an immersive and fun way. Learning how to live in, appreciate, care for and cope with the nature that surrounds us is a kind of education that is not taught in any other forum."

Stephen Culling

Book & Pay

£20 per child - £10 for second sibling & £5 for third or more siblings

All children under 16 must be accompanied with parent/guardian.


Please book before 6pm the day before. Thanks.

August 2022




Wednesday 10th August  


How to make and maintain a fire - marsh mallows.

Bushcraft Club - BClub10Aug



  • Sold Out

Wednesday 24th August  


Knife and saw skills - pegs and mallet.



Bushcraft Club - BClub24Aug



  • Sold Out

September 2022

Wednesday 14th September  


Swedish fire log 

Bushcraft Club - BClub14Sep



  • Available

Wednesday 28th September  


Upside down fire, heat reflector & lazy tripod

Bushcraft Club



  • Available

October 2022

Wednesday 12th October


Fire lighting skills - & several fire lays. 

Bushcraft Club - BClub12Oct



  • Available

Wednesday 26th October  


Knife skills - feather sticks - fire lighting.

Bushcraft Club - BClub26Oct



  • Available

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