Fire Lighting Skills

2 & 4 Hour Outdoor Sessions - Age 6+


Minimum group size 4

Maximum group size 20


The fire lighting skills sessions are designed to demonstrate and teach participants the safe and enjoyable activity, learning how to create and manage various fire ignition techniques for an outdoor camping scenario.


Choose between a 2 hour session or our longer 4 hour session. Please feel feel to discuss your requirements with us so we can best advise you for your needs.


The various fire lighting skills and activities builds knowledge and individuals gain confidence and a greater understanding of how to safely start and manage small camp fires.


These sessions are ideal for small and large groups of children (as well as adults). For the Scouting and Girl Guiding associations including the Brownies, Rainbows and the Cub Scouts, amongst other youth groups or organisations for children aged 6 plus.

Book & Pay

£60 for 2 hour session

£90 for 4 hour session

 All children under 16 must be accompanied with parent/guardian.



Fire Lighting Skills



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What will be taught

All aspects of Fire safety will be discussed first.

This will include the participants safety, the safety of people around them and the safety of the immediate environment where we intend to light small fires.

How to behave around fire and where is a safe place to have a fire.


Understanding the 'fire triangle'

Understanding why you need a fire. It may be for warmth of cooking on etc.


All the children including parents/guardians with have plenty of opportunity to practice all the skills. 



Participants will practice various ignition techniques, using matches, ferro rods, prehistoric flint & steel and friction fire such as the bow drill. 


Experiment with different types of 'Tinder' materials, man made and natural. 

Building 'Tinder' or 'Bird Nest Bundles' and blowing them into flame.

Work with kindling and fuel to construct small fires. 


All the  small fires will be no bigger that a small side plate and will be on silver baking trays which can be lifted up off the ground. This reduces any burning damage to outdoor spaces.


The Workshop

Using demonstration, discussion and instruction we will be able to teach in a very relaxed and practical manner, in a comfortable outdoor setting. Our instructor will require some time to set up and prepare before the workshop.


Safety requirements.

All activities are suitable for children aged 6 plus.

A garden, playground or suitable space is required so that the group and individuals have a safe amount of space to practice fire lighting skills.


Extra watchful eyes from parents/guardians/teachers are required during the practical activities.


Tools & Materials

All tools and materials will be provided.


Lesson Plan and Details

A full lesson plan with specific activities can be provided when the group size and time permitted is known by our instructors.