Bow Drill

Friction Fire

Comprehensive 8 Hours


Age 12+ with Parental assistance throughout.

Minimum group size - 4 plus parents/guardians

Maximum group size - 12 plus parents/guardians


Ancient Fire Making - How old is friction fire?


So how old is the ‘bow drill’, - well it’s very difficult to know exactly because the kits are made from natural materials which do not preserve well or at all.  Archeologists have to look for supporting evidence.

We do know that Bow drills (carpentry and dentistry tools) were used in Mehrgarth (meargar) a Neolithic village in Pakistan around 4,000 to 5,000 BC. 

We know this because at least nine people living there had holes drilled into their molars using a bow drill and survived the procedure. 

Also found at the site are circular fire pits and large granaries, so perhaps they used the bow drill to create a friction fire to make their breads.


If you join us in the woods you will be carrying on this ancient and one the oldest human skills there is!


8 hour session

We will cover everything from the 4 hour session but in greater detail. In addition to the 4 hour session you will make several bow drill sets from different woods to experience how different it can be. You will use Lime, Willow, Ivy, Clematis, Hazel and Pine (to name a few).


Creating an ember is only half the challenge, you must have a suitable tinder material ready to transform the ember into flame. On the 8 hour session you will learn to make a 3 layered tinder bundle, from Hay and also forage for your own tinder material. We will also show you a few tricks our instructors have picked up over the years.


Towards the end of the session we will show you how to collect materials from the woods to make your own Bow Drill set which you'll be able to take away with you and keep the ancient skill alive. 

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£125 per person

All children under 16 must be accompanied with *parent/guardian.



Bow Drill Friction Fire Comprehensive 8 Hours



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