Air Rifle Beginners


8 hour


Age 12+ with Parental assistance throughout.

Minimum group size - 4 rifles/shooters - plus parents/guardians

*Maximum group size - 8 rifles/shooters - plus parents/guardians

See Important Safety Guidance notes at the bottom of this page 


*Large groups can be accommodated but must be split into smaller groups to go the range



To develop and promote a safe & responsible interest in the sport of air rifle target shooting. You will be instructed on the Principles of Marksmanship throughout the day. We use fun & interesting targets specifically designed to enhance your enjoyment and understanding of the sport of shooting. 


Range Safety, Rifle Safety and the Safety Commands

It's is very important when on a shooting range that everyone understands how it works and to keep you and your fellow shooters safe. Before anyone is allowed to shoot an air rifle everyone must learn all  the safety procedures.


We want to maximise your time on the range actually shooting, so we have designed this adventure so that the theory is done on the range, meaning that once you have demonstrated an understanding of the safety procedures and commands you can, under instruction, move straight to using your air rifle.

All our marksmanship adventures have a maximum of 9 people shooting. Training in small groups means each shooter gets plenty of 1-to-1 tuition.


We deliver instruction on the key principles  of marksmanship for Air Rifle Target shooting,  such as Natural Position, Breathing, Trigger control and Follow Through . What you learn with us will give you a solid foundation for further shooting adventures. 


This skilful sport can be enjoyed by anyone, able or disabled, young or old. All you need to do is concentrate and you'll be hitting the bulls eyes by the end of the day.


Book & Pay

£110 for one air rifle

All children under 16 must be accompanied with *parent/guardian.


See Important Safety Guidance notes at the bottom of this page

Air Rifle Beginners Marksmanship 8 hour



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Booking & further details

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What We Supply For You


An Air Rifle, pellets, safety glasses & hearing defenders.

Plenty of refreshments.

Your competition targets, which you can take away with you at the end of the day.

Important Safety Guidance Note.


All under 16's must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


14 - 16 year

Parent/guardian with 1 child may have 2 air rifles/places.

Parent/guardian with 2 children may have 2 air rifles/places. 


8 to 14 year 

Parent/guardian with 1 child may have 2 air rifles/places.

Parent/guardian with 2 children may have 2 air rifles/places.