Pop-Up 3 Lane Range &

Air Rifle Marksmanship

Level 1 Air Rifle Introduction - Age 8+

4 & 8 Hour sessions


At your suitable large outdoor location

Ideal for Schools, Institutions and Companies. 


If you are looking for an exclusive outdoor adventure for your students, pupils, staff and employees, then look no further. We can teach you how to shoot an air rifle accurately with a Pop-Up 20 metre Range which is set up on your property for the day.


We can set up a 3 lane, 20 metre shooting range, with tables, stools and targets at your suitable location. The Shooting position consist of a large Coleman Shelter (see pictures at the bottom of this page) which provides weather protection and reduces outside distractions.  The shelter provides a safe and controlled space for three participants to undergo air rifle training.


A site visit will be required prior to confirming the booking to ensure the intended range space is suitable, safe and to make sure all aspects of Health & Safety and best practices will be followed.


We will provide everything and set up a safe 'Pop-Up Greenfield Rifle Range' ready for a safe and educational air rifle marksmanship experience.


Don't worry if your location is not suitable, as we have a larger range at out woodland site in Upper Netchwood, Shropshire all you need to do is come and visit us.


A minimum booking of 4 hours is required and a maximum of 8 hours.

Book & Pay

£200  -  4 hour session

£300  -  8 hour session

 All children under 16 must be accompanied with parent/guardian.



Pop-Up 3 Lane Range & Air Rifle Marksmanship

Pop-Up 3 Lane Range & Air Rifle Marksmanship


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Booking & further details

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What will be Instructed

4 & 8 hour sessions



For children and adults to learn the safe & fun skill of air rifle marksmanship Ideal for youngsters aged 8+ and the complete novice. A fun taster session designed to introduce the skills of marksmanship using novel targets.


What will be taught

All shooting sessions will start with safety briefings followed by the correct methods of safe shooting.

  • Range Safety - Rifle Safety - Range Commands.
  • Cocking & Loading the rifle - Seated shooting position - Principles of Marksmanship 

Before anyone can enter the range all the safety briefings must be given to the whole group in an area cordoned off outside the  rifle range. If the weather is sunny and warm, waiting a safe distance from the range can be fun and enjoyable, however if there is inclement weather an indoor space must be used to hold all the safety briefings and employed as a waiting area before being taken onto the range to shoot.


The Range will have three lanes which means our Air Rifle coaches will only be able to instruct three participants at a time.  Each participant will receive a minimum of 10 mins shooting time. Longer shooting times can be arranged depending on your group size and time allowed.


Ideal group sizes are around twenty participants, we can take on larger groups up to fifty participants over a whole day. We will split the group into two session and take half through the range in the morning and the remainder in the afternoon session.


After the safety briefings the participants will be allowed to move onto the range, three at a time for further instruction and given the range commands briefing.


Once the range commands are understood, it's time to try shooting at fun reactive targets.


Additional assistance from teachers and staff etc will be required to safely monitor groups waiting to go on to the range and also to marshal participants leaving the range.