Frontier Explorer "Trapper"

6 Day Adventure weekly or fortnightly or monthly.

Level 2 - 6 hours - 10am-4pm

Ideal for ages 10 - 14 with parent/guardian

(or having completed Level 1)


Min group size 6

Max group size 12 

Day 1 - Knife, Cutting Tools & Whittling Skills

Day 2 - Fire Lighting Skills 

Day 3 - Swedish Fire Log and Spoon Carving

Day 4 - Hunting Tools, Catapult & throwing club

Day 5 - Trapping for wild game 

Day 6 - Wild Game Food Preparation 

Book & Pay 

£30 per child per session

£180 for one complete adventure Level

To be paid in full to guarantee a place.


All children under 16 must be accompanied with *parent/guardian.

*No charge for Parent/guardian accompanying children.


Discount available for family/siblings booking.

Discount available for an entire group booking.

Frontier Explorer "Trapper" 6 Day Adventure



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 Day 1 - Knife, Cutting Tools & Whittling Skills


  Cutting Tool safety will be taught first.

Followed by clear demonstrations and instructions how

to split wood rounds by battoning, how to make a woodland chopping board and feather sticks.


The whole day is designed to equip the explorers with the knowledge, skills and understanding how to use a knife & bow saw safely while creating practical camping items.


Different items from level one will made. If you're joining us for the first time don't worry every skill and activity we teach is designed for the novice.


Day 2 - Fire Lighting Skills 


 Fire Safety will be taught first.

Followed by clear demonstration and instructions

on using traditional flint and steel for ignition and how to make a fire.


Frontier Explorers will make tinder bundles and blow them into flame to create fire.

Instruction will be given how to make a fire and 'leave no trace'.


Explorers will be challenged to build and light a fire a Tipi fire and 'leave no trace.'



 Day 3 Swedish Fire Log and Spoon Carving           


Fire and cutting tool Safety will be taught first.

Followed by clear demonstration and instructions how to make a

Sweedish Fire Log and Spoon carving 


When it’s time to ignite the logs, a demonstration on how to use

ferro rods and how to ignite them.


The challenge for the Frontier Explorers will be to make a hot drink

in canteens on top of the fire logs.


While waiting for the drinks the Frontier Explorers will

carve a spoon from a green piece of wood.

Day 4 - Hunting Tools, Catapult & throwing club


Cutting Tool safety will be taught first.

Followed by clear demonstrations and instructions how to

make a Throwing Club and a Catapult.


The Frontier Explorers will use bow saws, knives and mallets to create their

primitive hunting tools from the resources in the woodland.


To complete the day and test their creations, the Frontier Explorers will be challenged to hunt for wild animals using cardboard targets set up within the woods.


Day 5 - Trapping Skills and Natural Cordage


Cutting Tool safety will be taught first.

Followed by a demonstration only on several effective

trapping techniques used by trappers to procure meat for their diet.  


Followed by a step by step instruction on how to make an Arupuca or Mohave

live bird trap and a Figure 4 Deadfall trap.


Frontier Explorers will proceed to gather the materials required to

construct their own working traps.

Using cutting tools such as a bow saw, axe and bushcraft knives.

Day 6 -  Wild Game Food Preparation


Cutting Tool and Food safety will be taught first.

Followed by a demonstration and clear instruction on how to

skin and cook wild rabbit on an open fire.


Bringing together all the skills learnt so far the Frontier Explorers must make a fire,

construct a cooking system and utilise a bushcraft knife safely.


To simulate a successful hunt or trapping session, fresh wild Rabbits will be provided for the Frontier Explorers to skin and prepare for cooking. 

Please note

If this session is considered unsuitable, please inform us so we

can work together to provide an alternative food substitute.

Learn the skills & experience what it takes

to live in the wilderness