All our Frontier Explorer levels are designed for a small group

of children, perfect for the

home education community to enjoy six bushcraft sessions

 weekly / fortnightly / monthly with the same participants.


Parents/guardians are encouraged to join in the activities with

their children if they wish

or simply relax at our parachute HQ with refreshments, an open fire

and enjoy our 13 acres of wonderful woodland.

Frontier Explorer


6 Day Adventure

Level 1 6 sessions

6 hours - 10am-4pm

Age 8 - 12 with parents/guardian



Learn the survival skills & techniques used by

the early American settlers exploring the 'Wild West'


The 6 days of activities are designed for the children to complete in a fun, enjoyable and relaxed environment. Every activity will be clearly explained and demonstrated by an instructor who will work with the children to successfully complete their own or group projects.


Frontier Explorer


6 Day Adventure

Level 2 6 sessions

6 hours - 10am-4pm

Age 10 - 14 with parents/guardian

(Or having completed Level 1)



An adventure based on the skills and tools used by Ranchers,

Hunters and Trappers of the American Wild West.


Building on the skills experienced from level one the group will develop and learn new wilderness skills in a safe, relaxed environment. Don't worry if you haven't completed Level 1 because this adventure is designed for a beginner to successfully join in.

Frontier Explorer "Prospector"

6 Day Self Reliance

Adventure with

2 Day Hike & Wild Camp.

Level 3 6 sessions

Ideal for ages 12 - 18

(Or having completed Levels 1 or 2)



Self Reliance means you have the knowledge and

confidence to survive and thrive in the wilderness.


An adventure based on the skills and tools used by the Outlaw, Pinkerton

and Gold Prospectors of the Wild West.

Building on the skills from level one and two the group will work together to overcome challenges and prepare to be self reliant for a two day hike and wild camp.


£30 per child per session

£180 for one complete adventure Level

To be paid in full to guarantee a place.


2 Day Hike & Camp Level 3

£80 per child


All children under 16 must be accompanied with *parent/guardian.

*No charge for Parent/guardian accompanying children.


Discount available for family/siblings booking.

Discount available for an entire group booking.

Review and Comment

"James was open & flexible to listening to what package was required for a 6 day bushcraft/outdoor/team challenge adventure for teens. 

His planning and organisational skills are excellent as is his delivery and timing! He has a very good way with the kids and built rapport well, my son very much appreciated his time with this group under his guidance and is really looking forward to more adventures next year. Thank you James"