Stag & Hens

What To Bring With You


This course takes place outdoors over a few days including spending a few nights camping in Bell tents and under a tarp so please dress accordingly.  What we recommend is only meant as a guide to help you prepare for your adventure.


Camping Gear

  • Enough clean & dry clothes for your  stay. Remember to have at least one full set of dry clothes (kept in your vehicle) to change into if the clothes you are wearing become soaked.
  • Sleeping bag, a sleeping matt,  a pillow and a woolly hat for the evenings.
  • A warm jacket/coat for the evening.
  • Torch, wash kit.


  • Waterproof and comfortable footwear - wellington boots, walking boots or something you don't mind getting dirty or wet if it rains.
  • Good comfortable trousers. Please consider that denim soaks up water if it gets wet, making jeans cold and uncomfortable should it rain.
  • Long sleeves and trousers are a good idea to stop the insects bites if we have a few bugs flying about.
  • Shirts, hoodies, jumpers and a coat to keep you warm, dry and comfortable.
  • A peak hat or cap can assist your shooting.
  • A set of waterproof trousers & jacket if you have them, or if not at least a good jacket and umbrella to keep any rain off you.
  • Please feel free to bring any snacks and drinks you may want during the day.
  • Don't forget a camera.
  • Please try not to wear excessive jewellery, large rings and necklaces which may restrict your movements and hinder your movements.
  • NO alcohol before activities. Please do not be excessive, to ensure your safety and well being.
  • Don't forget a camera!


What We Supply For You



We will provide all the kit you need for the activities, such as saws, knives, pots and pans etc. 

We will provide camp beds and or camp matts for the bell tents.

We will have plenty of crockery, cups, KFS etc.


Please inform us before your adventure if you have any questions.