Bow Drill

Friction Fire

Introduction 4 Hours


Age 12+ with Parental assistance throughout.

Minimum group size - 4 plus parents/guardians

Maximum group size - 12 plus parents/guardians


Ancient Fire Making - How old is friction fire?


It is thought that our ancestors, Homo habilis 2.5 million years ago managed or conserved fires. It is not known whether these early fires were started my people or by nature.


It is thought that another ancestor, Homo erectus, probably mastered fire making about 1.6 million years ago. We believe this because old fire hearths have been found in Africa.


If you join us in the woods you will be carrying on this ancient and one the oldest human skills there is!


4 hour session

Our instructors will show you how to make a bow drill and create an ember, which you'll blow into flame for success. 


We take the time to explain why and how it works, it's not strength that creates an ember rather its technique. Our instructors will help you to master the technique for success, by breaking down the whole process step by step.


When you understand how it works it won't be long before you can make it work.


Book & Pay

£50 per person

All children under 16 must be accompanied with *parent/guardian.



Bow Drill Friction Fire Introduction 4 Hours



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