Frontier Explorer "Prospector"

6 Day Adventure - weekly or fortnightly or monthly.

plus optional 2 Day Hike & Camp

Level 3

 6 hours - 10am-4pm

Ideal for ages 12 - 18 with parent/guardian


Min group size 6

Max group size 12 


Problem Solving and Self-Led

Level 3 differs slightly from the two previous levels with an emphasis on

individuals problem solving and periods of self-led activities.


Frontier Explorers are encouraged to use initiative and undertake a

self-led bushcraft project when possible with our support and guidance.

If they interpret activities and skills differently then this is their time to experiment!

Day 1 - Knife, Cutting Tools & Whittling Skills

Day 2 - Advanced Fire Lighting Skills - Bow Drill Friction Fire 

Day 3 - Group Debris Shelter & Camp Craft

Day 4 - Make a sling & Atlatl 

Day 5 - Water Procurement 

Day 6 - Wild Game Preparation


Day 7&8 - 2 Day Hike & Wild Camp - Optional - 4 minimum

Book & Pay 

£30 per child per session

£180 for one complete adventure Level

To be paid in full to guarantee a place.


£80 per child

2 Day Hike & Wild Camp - Level 3

Optional activity


All children under 16 must be accompanied with *parent/guardian.

*No charge for Parent/guardian accompanying children.


Discount available for family/siblings booking.

Discount available for an entire group booking.


Frontier Explorer "Prospector" 6 Day Adventure



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 Day 1 - Knife, Cutting Tools & Whittling Skills


  Cutting Tool safety will be taught first.

Followed by clear demonstrations and instructions how

to make woodland utensils.


The whole day is designed to equip the explorers with the knowledge, skills and understanding how to use a knife & bow saw safely while creating practical camping items. 

 Day 2 - Advanced Fire Lighting Skills - Bow Drill Friction Fire


  Fire safety will be taught first.

Followed by clear demonstrations and instructions how

to make and use a bow drill, a group bow drill and a smoke signal fire.


Friction fire is one of our oldest skills, working alone, in pairs and small groups the Frontier Explorers will achieve a bow drill ember to blow it into a flaming tinder bundle. 


 Day 3 - Group Debris Shelter Build.


  Safety will be taught first.

Followed by clear demonstrations and instructions how

to construct a shelter in a survival situation.


The Frontier Explorers will learn the importance of shelter from the weather to sustain life,

by making several quick survival shelters from survival bags, ponchos and tarps.

Working together as a group they will be responsible for making a group

debris shelter to sleep in on the two day hike and camp.

 Day 4  - Make a sling and Atlatl.


  Knife and saw Safety will be taught first.

Followed by a demonstration and instruction how to make a sling and Atlatl


The Frontier Explorers will collect the materials to make the atlatl from the woods

and make natural cordage to make a sling.


Various challenges and target competitions will be used to test their primitive hunting weapons.

A series of cardboard targets will be placed through the woods to simulate a wild hunt. 

 Day 5  - Water Procurement.


  Safety will be taught first.

Followed by a demonstration on how important water

and hydration is while in the wilderness.


The Frontier Explorers will be shown various techniques to procure water, such as a solar still, transpiration bag, ground well, tree tapping and a vegetation bag. In pairs they will be challenged to recreate one of the techniques.


Once water has been produced they will have to make a filter and light

a fire to boil the water which makes it safe to drink.

 Day 6 - Wild Game preparation


  Food and Knife Safety will be taught first.

 Followed by a demonstration and clear instruction on how to

prepare a fish and pigeon to cook on an open fire


Working in pairs or individually the Frontier Explorers must bring

together all the skills learnt so far to make a fire, construct a cooking system

and utilise a bushcraft knife and saw safely to cook the food to eat. 

Please note

If this session is considered unsuitable, please inform us so we

can work together to provide an alternative food substitute. 

Day 7 & 8 - 2 Day Hike & Wild Camp

dates T.B.C. 


The aim of the hike and wild camp is to simulate the many journeys into the unknown lands taken by the frontier folk to explore the great North American continent.

Being self reliant and living from or with the environment was key to their survival.

Knowing how to find and make shelter, how to provide food,

warmth and water was a basic requirement.


Today too many of us are disconnected from nature and take these core skills for granted.

The hike will start from Spirited Adventure in the morning and last for a couple of hours and return to our site where they’ll set up camp for the night.


An instructor will be with them for the whole time.

Parents are welcome to join in the walk and camp at Spirited Adventure.


All the children will be expected to carry what they need with them, but don’t worry  parents/guardians can retain extra clothes, food and equipment if you

wish to give them when they return to camp.


Once the children have set up their camps the parents/guardians will be invited by the

them to visit for an explanation and tour of how the camp works. 

Learn the skills & experience what it takes

to live in the wilderness