Your Chance To Greet the Team Looking After You

James Anthony Hehir. BaHons is the founder of Spirited Adventure, Head Instructor and Course Designer.  


An avid outdoorsman since his childhood, James has a passion and enthusiasm for adventure, bushcraft, self-reliance, foraging, camping, whittling and shooting. 


He is a 'Trained Hunter' at DSC1 and NSRA Diploma National Youth Proficiency Scheme.


James has spent many years working in Television as a documentary editor and film maker, crafting and refining his story-telling skills. He is now putting those skills to use creating interesting, exciting and informative courses for Spirited Adventure.

Anne Marie 

Business partner, Guest Bookings and Client Manager.


Anne Marie is dedicated to ensuring that our guests get the very best experience possible. She coordinates course dates, instructors, camp facilities and supplies to ensure everything runs smoothly throughout the season.

Peter Minns 

Business Partner, Course Creator, Shooting Instructor, Manager and Landowner.


Peter is dedicated to all things rural and is passionate about countryside activities. Whether it's camping, shooting, felling trees or tending livestock his vast knowledge of all things outdoors is a huge attribute for Spirited Adventure.

Mark Simon an ex British soldier of 10 years service.

Business Partner, 4x4 off-road specialist, Navigation instructor, Marksman, Range Safety Officer, Rock Climber, Mountaineer, Fisherman and Bushcrafter.


He's got tons of first hand experience and plenty of true grit. What he doesn't know definitely is not worth knowing.