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Here at Spirited Adventure when we find interesting or useful online content we like to share it with you. We hope over time to collect a library of interesting, fun and useful videos, so if you come across something on YouTube that you think deserves sharing then please send us a link.


Air Rifle Shooting Position

(Not sure who produced this)


Video Of The Week

25th of January 2015

Found on YouTube

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James - Instructor.

Here is a great example of good instruction in an online video. This instructor is able to demonstrate the correct way to gain stability and therefore more accurate shooting. An important note he makes is about fine tuning any of the positions for yourselves as we are all different. The trick is to follow the main points and then make it comfortable for you. I hope you like it.  Here's to more bulls-eyes!


Amanita Muscaria

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Video Of The Week

18th of January 2015


YouTube video produced by

and selected for sharing by

James - Instructor.

Fly Agaric is probably the most recognisable fungi. With it's distinctive bright red top and white spots, its likeness has been used in many a fairytale illustration. It is certainly the first fungi I learned the name of as a young child, due to its prolific supporting roles in many a cartoon and Disney film.


Many people believe that the Fly Agaric is dangerously toxic, but in this video Nyisher claims that one would have to ingest huge quantities before becoming seriously ill. You learn something new every day!


The video is produced by Paul who has studied nutrition and herbal medicine. On his website Paul states the Nyishar Manifesto as "Nyishar has been created with the genuine intention of helping people adapt to an ever-changing world and contribute towards the realisation of a more enlightened society." I say keep up the good work Paul.

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