Survival Challenge Team Building Adventure


We are currently updating and reviewing our Bushcraft & Survival Adventures.

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A team building experience like no other, take the challenge and survive a plane crash disaster. Build shelter, find and prepare food and water. Do you have what it takes to survive until you are rescued?    



The instructors will lead you through your Survival Plan step by step with talks and demonstrations before you must complete the challenges. 


Crash Site

Your 2 Day Survival Challenge starts at the crash site. If it happened to you what would you do next?

By working together in small groups you will learn what it takes to stay alive.



The challenges you must complete until rescue arrives;

  • Wilderness first aid for the survivors.
  • Survival Plan - Do you Stay or Go?
  • Shelter - You need to protect yourselves from the weather.        
  • Fire - Build and light your own group fires.
  • Char cloth preparation.
  • Water source must be found and made safe to drink.
  • Food must be gathered and cooked on your fires.
  • Navigate walks by night & day
  • Shooting Air Rifles (Simulated food hunt). 
  • Signal for rescue.

What we offer you

We will make sure you are well looked after with plenty of food, water & wine with your evening meal. Stacks of fun and entertainment throughout the Adventure, with a few surprises thrown in just to keep you on your toes.


In your groups you will be working towards points so if you can survive and be rescued, prizes will be awarded to the best group along with loser forfeits. A team cup will be awarded to the winning group to take home with you.


You get a Spirited Adventure Survival tin full of useful kit, most of which you will have already used during your Adventure.



What is provided for you.

We will provide everything you need to take the Survival Challenge Adventure. During your stay will us there will be 3 instructors and a chef at your service to make your adventure as comfortable and satisfying as possible. All your food will be provided with breakfast and dinner prepared and served  to you. Lunches are prepared but you have to cook these on your fires.

All menus can be discussed when booking so everyone will be satisfied with the meals.

Dates and Price

Please book in advance.


We can arrange the dates to suit you, whether it's a weekend or during the week, we will just need sufficient time in advance to book you in.


Please contact us for a price as it is likely to change due to your requirements.

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