Kids Wild Wood

Day Out


Ages 3 to 10

with parental assistance 


 10 am - 4 pm

Activities In Detail

The day will begin at Base Camp with a brief outline of how the day will develop and a few important safety do's & don’ts. All activities will be clearly explained to the children & parents before starting, and the instructor will be on hand at all times to answer any questions.


1) Wild Wood Scavenger Hunt Parental assistance required

 A simple game designed to get everyone exploring the woods. The children are given a card with a list of 10 items to find. When they find an item they tell their parents who will place a sticker on the card to show they have found it.


2) Foraging With BoxesParental assistance optional

To follow on from the Flora hunt, each child is given a small plastic box, they must collect as much as they can of a specific item. They may be asked to find brown leaves, yellow flowers or twigs for example. All of the foraged material will be collected and used to make a picture later in the day.


3) Flower Identification GamesParental assistance optional 

To conclude the theme of ‘searching and looking’, this activity is based on the game of ‘snap’. Each child is given a card with a flower on it and they are instructed to go and find the same flower or plant on other cards spread out within a certain area. 

   4) Wilderness Obstacle Course - Parental assistance required


     A fun obstacle course designed to be an exciting challenge for the children. The                          instructor will lead the group around the course first and explain each of the challenges        then each child with a parent will progress on at a time.


Escape The Cave - A play tunnel covered by a camouflage tarp, leaves & sticks.

Run Through The JungleA set of slalom poles & hurdles.

Tarzan SwingA rope swing with a wooden handle. 

Monkey  Bars – Rope with handles to swing from one to the next.

Rope Ladder A rope with hand & foot-bars.

Wild River Crossing - Foam matts laid-out to jump from one to another.

Ravine Crossing - Two ropes, a low rope to step on & a higher rope for your hands 

Zip Wire Seat - On a slight incline to slide down the rope.

5) Wild Animal Hunt - Parental assistance optional

In single file the children will creep silently on a trail looking for wild animals that live in the woods. We will discover many animals like the fox, badger and deer. When we find an animal we'll stop & discuss interesting facts about them, such as where they live and what they eat. Of course if we can't find the real thing, we'll have some stand-ins on hand.

6) Foxes and Rabbits GameParental assistance optional

The children will be split into two groups, one large and one small. The large group, the Rabbits are led away leaving a clear trail behind them. Once the trail is set the Rabbits hide with the help of a couple of parents. The smaller group, the Foxes follow the marked trail hunting the rabbits.

7) Wild Wood Animal Scavenger Hunt - Parental assistance required

Each child is given a card with 10 animals on it. They will have to look for the animals and when they find them the parent places a sticker on the card. 

8) Wild Wood Blindfold Trail - Parental assistance required

The children are all blindfolded and led by their parents on a trail. The trail is constructed with small obstacles to crawl over, under & between. At the end of each section is an object that the children must handle and try to guess what it is.

9) Wild Wood Art - Parental assistance optional

With the children split up into 3 or 4 groups they now take all the leaves & twigs they collected earlier and use them to create an animal art masterpiece.

10) Results for the wild Wood Animal Scavenger Hunt

With everyone gathered together it's time to see how many animals the children found. Don't worry if you haven't found them all. There will be at least 3 animals you could not find, for a good reason. The leader will point them out so everyone can complete the search.

11) Wild Art Unveiling - Parent assistance required

Hopefully the glue will have had time to set so the children can show off their art. Everyone is encouraged to take pictures with all the children & parents holding the art works.

**Please note, due to group size, ability, time taken and weather conditions some games may be changed. Thank you for your understanding**