Kids Wild Wood

Day Out




 10 am - 4 pm


Ages 3 to 10

with parental assistance



Fun packed and exciting adventure exploring what lives in and what makes up our varied and wonderful woodlands. Together we’ll explore the plants, trees and animals that make the woods their home.


The whole day is cleverly designed to be a balance between adult assisted learning and child-initiated play.


It’s not just the children who have to get involved. Many of these activities do require you, the parents, to help your children and guide them through their adventures. You will get a rest at some point as some activities require just one or two adults to assist the instructor.


The great thing about outdoor learning is that the environment itself will stimulate spontaneous play. With this in mind, time is set aside for child initiated play. Parents and children are encouraged to use this time to enjoy the woodlands or explore the learning cards, swings, hammocks and toys arranged around the Base Camp. 


The Kids Wild Wood Base Camp is set up in a clearing a short walk from the car park. The area is used for picnicking, playing, relaxing and learning.


Tarps are set up to protect against inclement weather, and there will be hammocks, swings and learning zones for children and adults to explore during the day.


You will be expected to bring your own food for the day. Please feel free to bring your own picnic blankets, folding chairs or whatever you need to make yourselves comfortable.

Please Note;

The “Kids Wild Wood” day out is led by an instructor, but is designed for children and their parents to enjoy together.


Parents are responsible for their children during the day, and are expected to take an active part in the adventure.