Kids 2 Day Wild Wood Camping Adventure


Bring your outdoor spirit

and tents for a

2 day self catering adventure 

During the 2 days you and your children will enjoy games & activities as a group and have the opportunity to explore, relax and play alone.  It's up to you, if you'd rather sit one game out that's completely fine. What we hope is for you and the children is to enjoy the experience of camping, the games, the countryside and everything in between.


On your arrival we will take you down to the site, a kilometre away from the main house and the car park, make sure you bring with you everything you need for the adventure. If you're arriving by train let us know because we can collect you.


Our rustic site's amenities  comprises of a huge parachute area for relaxing and discussions. Underneath we have log seats, an open fire and tables & chairs.  We bring in plenty of fresh drinking water daily, for refreshments and cooking.


There is a wooded or open grass land for your tents and 2 very rustic toilets with hand washing facilities. 


The games and activities are structured however we deliver them in a relaxed way, which means if the children find a game or activity particularly exciting we'll spend longer with it before moving on. 


Our Itinerary is only a guide as we may change the order or length depending on the groups interest and ability.


10.00 am arrive on Day 1 for the meet & greet, safety and site layout talk.

Then you have time to pitch your tents and have some refreshments. After that we fit in as much or as little as you want. We do try to fit in all the main games & activities before tea time, around 5/6pm. The evening is a relaxing time for you and your children, to enjoy the campsite and explore the area.


11.00 am on Day 1 we kick off the fun. We break for lunch around 1 pm, with plenty of opportunity for refreshments throughout the day.


Day 2 be ready for around 10am to start the fun. Lunch around 12.30 and sadly depart from 3.30 pm


Some of the games and activities.

Flower Identification Game - Foraging - Obstacle Course - Scavenger Hunt - Blindfold trail - Numerous running/hiding Games - Woodland Art and without fail plenty of Marshmallows toasting over the fire.


'Animal Hunt'

'Blindfold Trail'  filmed by parents

'Obstacle Course'