6 Day Frontier Explorers Adventure

Level 2

Ideal for ages 12 - 16

(Or having completed Level 1)

Group size up to 12


Learn the survival skills & techniques used by

the early American settlers to tame the 'Wild West'


An adventure based on the skills and tools used by the cowboys, gold prospectors

and explorers of the Wild West. Building on the skills from level one the group will experience new and vital wilderness skills.

Day 1 - Swedish Fire Torch & Crook Knife Spoon Whittling

Day 2 - Air Rifle Marksmanship

Day 3 - Trapping Skills and Natural Cordage

Day 4 - Hunting Weapons

Day 5 - Wild meat preparation and cooking

Day 6 - Raft Building

Session 1 

45 minute Tour & Talk


Swedish Fire Torch & Crook Knife Spoon Whittling



Starting the Adventure at the Parachute HQ with a description of the 6-day adventure and a walking tour of the site followed by questions.


The group will be shown how to use the cutting tools correctly with a safety briefing. The first task will be for everyone to forage for the logs and sticks to make their own Swedish fire torch and spoon.


Back at Tarp wood under instruction we’ll all prepare the found logs to make a Swedish fire Torch. When it’s time to ignite the logs, a demonstration on how to make feather sticks and how to use ferro rods will be given.


The challenge for the Frontier Explorers will be to make a hot drink in canteens on top of the fire logs.


While waiting for the drinks to be ready a demonstration on how to carve a spoon from a green piece of wood.


 Session 2

Air Rifle Marksmanship


The whole day is designed to teach the young explorers the principles and skills of    marksmanship. Each skill build on the previous lesson so by progressively learning the explorers will be hitting the ‘bullseye’ by the end of the day. 


Safety is a major part of any shooting activity so before anyone starts hitting the targets everyone will be introduced to the three major aspects of safety. 

  • Range Safety - How to behave while on the range.
  • Rifle Safety - How to handle the air rifle safely.
  • Range Commands - what to do & when while on the range.      

To end the day we’ll have a friendly competition to see who is the ‘crack shot’


Session 3

Trapping Skills and Natural Cordage


We’ll start the session with a demonstration and talk on several effective trapping techniques used by the early settlers to procure meat for their diet.  A working example of the Arupuca or Mohave bird trap will be demonstrated to show how to capture animals unharmed in a live trap.


Frontier Explorers will proceed to gather the materials required to construct their own working Mohave trap. Using cutting tools such as a bow saw, axe and bushcraft knives.


Upon completion of the traps a demonstration on how to make natural cordage from grasses will be given. Working in pairs their challenge will be to try and make a short length of natural rope and test it to see who has made the strongest. 

Session 4

Hunting Weapons


Following on from the traps made in the previous week, the Frontier Explorers will set the traps along the field edges to see if they work.


No animals will be harmed in this process. The traps will be checked regularly and if  successful any bird caught will be released swiftly and unharmed.


Before starting to forage for the materials required to make a catapult and sling all cutting tools will be clearly explained and a safety briefing given. The group will forage the wood from the hedgerow. Once completed the accuracy will be tested with a competition with targets and paint balls.

            Session 5

Wild meat preparation and cooking


To simulate a successful hunt or trapping session, fresh wild Rabbits will be provided for the Explorers to skin and prepare for cooking.


Before the skinning and butchery the Frontier Explorers must prepare and light a fire ready to cook the rabbits. They will have a choice of cooking methods either to cook the rabbit on a spit whole or diced in a stew.


Please note

If this session is considered unsuitable for some, please inform us so we can work together to provide an alternative food substitute.


While the rabbits are cooking they can continue and complete their wooden spoons.

Session 6

Raft Building


To conclude the Adventure we have a team building challenge. A fun finale of floating and soaking on our private ponds.


With no roads and public transport in the ‘wild west’ rafts were commonly used to navigate huge distances and cross waterways.


The Frontier Explorers first challenge will be to individually build a craft from a cardboard box and race each other. It will eventually sink.


Now everyone has had a soaking it’s time to work together in two teams to build a raft from barrels and planks to compete in several challenges.


Safety equipment will be provided such as life jackets and helmets.

Please inform us if the child can swim or not.


Please note,


Depending on weather predictions we may schedule the raft building for the warmest day during the adventure.

Price - Level 1,2 & 3

£25 per person per session


2 Day Hike & Wild Camp - Level 3

£60 per person

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