6 Day Frontier Explorers Adventure

Level 1

Ideal for ages 10 - 16

Group size up to 12

Learn the skills & experience what it takes to live in the wilderness


An adventure based on the skills and tools used by the cowboys, gold prospectors

and explorers of the Wild West.

Day 1 - Air Rifle Marksmanship

Day 2 - Knife Skills & Whittling Skills

Day 3 - Camp Fire Cooking

Day 4 - Foraging & Navigation

Day 5 - Making Bow & Arrow & a Fishing Pole

Day 6 - Fire Ligthing

Session 1 – Trial Day

45 minute site tour & introduction talk

Followed by

Air Rifle Marksmanship


Starting the Adventure at the Parachute HQ with a talk about the 6‐day adventure

and a walking tour of the site followed by questions. 


The whole day is designed to teach the young explorers the principles

and skills of marksmanship. Each skill builds on the previous lesson

so by progressively learning the explorers will be hitting

the ‘bullseye’ by the end of the day. 

Safety is a major part of any shooting activity so before anyone starts hitting the targets everyone will be introduced to the three major aspects of safety. 

  • Range Safety - How to behave while on the range.
  • Rifle Safety - How to handle the air rifle safely.
  • Range Commands - what to do & when while on the range.

 Finally to end the day we’ll have a friendly target competition.

Session 2 

 Knife & Whittling Skills


Start the day with knife safety and how to hold and whittle safely with a knife.

The first task for the explorers will be to make a tent peg, which is designed to demonstrate the basic skills of bushcraft whittling.


Followed by a bushcraft pot hanger which will need to tested by the explorers

on an open fire to make a hot drink.


The whole day is designed to equip the explorers with the safe knowledge, skills and understanding to use a knife while creating practical camping items. 

Session 3 

 Camp Fire Cooking Skills


A full day of fun, messy and easy dishes prepared and cooked with a log fire.

Start by making butter from double cream, Damper bread on a stick, ash cakes with chocolate bits, corn on the cob with the butter, sausage on a stick and a Spirited Adventure hot chocolate.  

Session 4

 Foraging & Navigation


We’ll start the day looking at natural ways to find navigation, make a sun stick and look at how a compass works. Then head out for a short walk to follow a map.

While on the walk  the explorers will be given cards to locate a dozen different

edible plants. What we find we’ll prepare back at the Parachute HQ

using their pot hangers and cook some of the wild foods. 

Session 5

 Make A Bow & Arrow set & A Fishing Pole


We’ll go to find the sticks they need, cut them from the hedgerow and return to the parachute HQ to make a bow with arrows and fishing poles.

Once the fishing poles are ready we'll head down the ponds to

catch some freshwater fish.

Session 6

Fire Lighting Skills


The explorers will be instructed on how to prepare and build a fire lay correctly. Various techniques of man-made and natural methods

of ignition will be demonstrated.

Explorers will be challenged to build and light a fire to make a

hot drink using their pot hangers.

Price - Level 1,2 & 3

£25 per person per session


2 Day Hike & Wild Camp - Level 3

£60 per person

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