6 Day Frontier Explorers Self Reliance Adventure with

Two Day Hike & Wild Camp.

Level 3

Ideal for ages 14 - 18

(Or having completed Level 1 or 2)

Group size up to 12


Learn the survival skills & techniques used by

the early American settlers to tame the 'Wild West'


An adventure based on the skills and tools used by the cowboys, gold prospectors

and explorers of the Wild West. Building on the skills from level one and two the group will work together to overcome challenges and prepare to be self reliant on a two day hike and wild camp.

Day 1 - Raft building and challenges

Day 2 - Cutting Tools & Knife Skills

Day 3 - Fire Lighting skills & Water Procurement

Day 4 - Wild Food Cooking with Rabbit, Trout & Foraged Greens

Day 5 - Navigation with Map & Compass & Natural Means

Day 6 - Shelter Building & Camp Craft


Day 7&8 - 2 Day Hike & Wild Camp as a Group

Session 1 



Raft Building & Challenges



With no roads and public transport in the ‘wild west’ rafts were commonly used to navigate huge distances to explore new lands and to simply cross waterways.

Once everyone has assembled at the parachute HQ and received the necessary safety briefings the session will start with a few quick fun games to encourage the children to get to know each other and start working together.

The raft building will take place on our ponds a short distance away and parents/guardians are encouraged to join the children at our pond camp for a fun day of floating and soaking.

The challenge will be to work together in two teams to build a raft from barrels and planks to compete in several challenges.

Safety equipment will be provided such as life jackets and helmets. Please inform us if your child can swim or not.


Please note,

Depending on weather predictions we may schedule the raft building for the warmest day during the adventure and swap with another activity.


 Session 2

Cutting Tools & Knife Skills


The aim of this session is for everyone to learn the key skill of using cutting tools safely. The children will be using bow saws, hand saws and bushcraft utility knives.

They will be making different pot hanger systems so that when they are wild camping on the two day hike they’ll be prepared to make a pot hanger to cook with.

The first task will be for everyone to forage for the wood and sticks to make their own Pot hangers. Then the group will be shown how to use the cutting tools correctly with a safety briefing and follow step by step instruction.


Session 3

Fire Lighting skills & Water Procurement


Safe drinking water is vital for survival. In the wilderness the ability to find and make water safe to drink is a valuable life saving necessity. The group will be shown how to find water and make it safe by filtering and boiling. They will be expected to find a water source, bring water back, filter it and boil it.

The boiling process requires a fire so being able to start and keep a fire alive is a key wilderness skill. Once the dirty water has been found the group will be shown numerous ways to start a fire and how to make a suitable fire lay to boil their water.

Using their pot hangers from the previous week they will be expected to make and keep a fire going to boil the water which makes it safe to drink.rope and test it to see who has made the strongest. 

Session 4

Wild Food Cooking with Rabbit, Trout & Foraged Greens


For many of the ‘wild west’ explorers trapping, hunting and fishing for food was a way of life. So to simulate a successful hunt, fresh wild rabbits will be provided for the group. Working in pairs the group will learn how to skin, butcher and make a rabbit and nettle stew.

While the rabbit meat is cooking on the fire the group will then be shown how to prepare a whole fish for cooking on their fires.

Parents are requested to provide a whole trout which must have the head and tail still on. It doesn’t matter if the fish is gutted or not, if it’s bought from a supermarket it will probably be gutted.

Before preparing the fish and meat for cooking the Frontier Explorers must prepare and light a fire ready to cook the rabbit and trout.

Please note

If this session is considered unsuitable for some, please inform us so we can work together to provide an alternative food substitute.

            Session 5

Navigation with Map & Compass & Natural Means


The navigation session will start with a talk and demonstrations of natural methods of determining direction.

To be prepared for the 2 day hike and wild camp the Frontier Explorers must know how to navigate a route using an OS map and compass. As a group challenge they will be instructed how to read a map & compass accurately and set of on a short walk together following a map route.

To end the session the group will be split into pairs and challenged to complete a short orienteering route as quickly as possible.

Session 6

Shelter Building & Camp Craft


For the last weekly session it’s all about making their final preparations for the two day hike and camp. The Frontier Explorers need to know how to set up their tarps to sleep under and what to pack in their rucksacks.

The session will start with a talk and demonstration on how to set up a tarp which will be provided, along with waterproof bivy bags to place their own sleeping bag in. The group will practise setting up a tarp, along with other basic camp craft requirements.

What to carry and how to pack a rucksack will also be explained. All frontier Explorers must bring with them their own rucksack with their kit packed. An instructor will check everyone’s equipment and how to pack it correctly.

Session 7 & 8

2 Day Hike & Wild Camp


The aim of the hike and wild camp is to simulate the many journeys into the unknown lands taken by the frontier folk to explore the great North American continent. Being self reliant and living from or with the environment was key to their survival. Knowing how to find and make shelter, how to provide food, warmth and water was a basic requirement. Today too many of us are disconnected to nature and take these core skills for granted.

The hike will start from Spirited Adventure in the morning and last for a couple of hours and return to our site where they’ll set up camp for the night. An instructor will be with them for the whole time. The following morning the camp will be taken down and they’ll set off again for a couple of hours walking in a circular route, ending back at Spirited Adventure main site. Parents are welcome to join in the walk and camp at Spirited Adventure.

All the children will be expected to carry what they need with them, but don’t worry the short walk is only a couple of miles not far from our site where you, the parents/guardians can retain extra clothes, food and equipment if you wish.

Once the children have set their own camp the parents/guardians will be invited by the them to visit for an explanation and tour of how the camp works.

Price - Level 1,2 & 3

£25 per person per session


2 Day Hike & Wild Camp - Level 3

£60 per person

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