Bushcraft & Survival Skills Adventure


4 Hours, Full Day & 2 Days including overnight


Children with Parental guidance

Activities In Detail


We offer a range of Bushcraft and Survival skills to choose for your adventure.

Please select from the list below for your teams adventure. It’s important to us that you are experiencing exactly the adventure you want. If you’re not sure please get in touch and we will help design your unique adventure.


As a guide the fewer you choose the more time you have to master the skills.


For a half-day (4 hours)  we suggest 1 or 2 skills.


For a full day (8 hours) try 2 or 3 skills.


For 2 full days and an overnight try 5 or 6 skills.

You’ll have plenty of time to try many of the skills.


Some skills and activities require more time than others and we’ll work with you to plan the perfect experience.


Fire Lighting

Types of fire – How to build a fire - Natural and man-made methods of ignition.


Fire by friction

Bow Drill


Knife and Axe Skills

Whittling tent pegs, a try stick, pot hanger, a mallet, spoon and cup aka Kuksa.



Emergency survival shelters, natural shelter and tarp set-ups.


Water to live

Where to find it, how to make it potable.


Survival Foraging

Locate and prepare basic food and drink.



Natural and map & compass.


Bushcraft Fishing

Make your own rod to catch a fish.


Survival Trapping

Construct traps to catch wild game.


For further details on exactly what’s involved with the skills above, get in touch.

An example of a typical two-day adventure would include and be delivered in the

order below;


Day 1 – Shelters, fire lighting and knife and axe skills.

Day 2 – Water to live, Survival foraging and Bushcraft fishing.

Parachute HQ

As soon as you arrive an instructor will meet you and take you to the Parachute HQ for refreshments and to meet your fellow adventurers


Safety Briefing

Once everyone has arrived the first safety briefings will take place, followed by a short introduction on how the day ahead is planned. Starting with a demonstration on survival shelters followed by everyone setting up their camp for the weekend.


Self Catering

  • Please bring your lunch and any snacks and drinks you may want during your Adventure.


Tea, coffee, water and biscuits will be available throughout the Adventure


Outdoor Toilets

Be brave - we have a number of composting toilets on the site.