Bushcraft &

Beginners AirRifle Marksmanship

2 Day



Age 8+ with Parental guidance.

Max. 9 rifles/shooters.

Aims of the 2 Day Adventure

Bushcraft & Survival

An introduction to the fundamental elements of Bushcraft covering the three basic requirements needed to survive & thrive -  shelter, fire & water. As soon as you arrive you'll be shown how to set up your tarp & camp bed, build your own fire and light it without matches. You can then try your hand at cooking a meal on your own open fire.


If tarp camping isn't your thing then you are welcome to bring along your own tent.



We will cover everything from the Beginners Air Rifle Marksmanship Course in a Day and we'll have a little extra time for you practice over the 2 days.


Marksmanship Aims

To develop and promote a safe & responsible interest in the sport of air rifle target shooting. We use fun & interesting targets specifically designed to enhance your enjoyment and understanding of the sport of shooting. 


We want to maximise your time on the range actually shooting, so unlike other courses that offer more classroom lessons we have designed this course so that the theory is done on the range, meaning that once you have demonstrated an understanding of the safety procedures and commands you can, under instruction, move straight on to handling and using your rifle. 

Survival Shelters

Tarp Set Up

Survival Kit

Fun Targets

Shooting Range



Tinder Bundle Fire Lighting

Fire Without Matches

More Video Coming Soon