Teambuilding Adventures

Ideal for corporate groups, parties and client entertainment.

The Oast House

You will be greeted at the Oast House where we have plenty of secure parking for your vehicles. If you are arriving by public transport we can arrange transfers from nearby train and coach/bus stations. Once everyone has assembled we’ll transport you a short distance off road to the Parachute HQ. All Team Building Adventures will be held on 88 acres of private farm and woodland in the heart of Hampshire.


The Parachute HQ

Our structure in the woods is a multi-purpose, waterproof structure, constructed from a massive parachute and additional tents, which provides a comfortable space to hold demonstrations, briefings and meals. This is your main focal point, a place to relax, regroup and make your own.


Inside the parachute we have an open fire, cooking apparatus, tables, chairs, cups, cutlery etc and plenty of hot and cold refreshments available throughout.


The Shooting Range

An 8 lane outdoor 20 metre range which has a well protected shooting position constructed with four waterproof ‘Coleman shelters’ connected together to protect against the sun or any inclement weather. 


The shooting position has tables and stools to assist your instruction and your comfort while learning to shoot.


We can accommodate a maximum of 8 shooters at any time. However we can facilitate larger groups with the understanding that air rifles must be shared. We suggest that a group of 16 participants (you may have larger groups if you wish) sharing air rifles in pairs allows everyone plenty of time and enjoyment shooting.


All air rifles, safety glasses, pellets and other equipment will be provided for you.


Aims of the Air Rifle Marksmanship team building Adventure


Target Shooting

We want you to achieve an understanding of target shooting by developing and promoting a safe and responsible interest in the sport of air rifle shooting.


Target shooting as a sport has many benefits just like any other sport. However it has some assets which, are unique and can improve your employee’s work ethic and strengthens the whole company.


·      Target shooting develops a sense of discipline.

·      Develops safety in one’s own actions.

·      Develops a sense of responsibility towards others.

·      Develops concentration & attention.

·      Can be enjoyed by any age and ability.


To maximize your shooting experience you’ll be instructed on the basics of marksmanship at the range. During your session you’ll have plenty of time to practice the principles of marksmanship with specially made targets to enhance your understanding and enjoyment.


All demonstrations will be delivered to the group and followed up with plenty of one-to-one support as the session progresses.


Team Building Benefits

We want every individual who experiences a marksmanship adventure, whether it’s a four-hour session or a full two days, to feel empowered and considerably more confident by the end.


Spending time learning something new, having been challenged to explore new possibilities and succeeding is an extremely important growth factor for everyone, especially beneficial for anyone who is part of a work place team.

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