Safety - Yours and Ours

Spirited Adventure's biggest concern is delivering the very best outdoor experience to our guests in a safe environment. There will be detailed but easy to follow safety briefings prior to the start of all courses. Attendance at these briefings is compulsory for all guests, and we ask that you give them your full attention.


Safety Warning

We need to ensure everyone's safety so any person acting in an unsafe manner be warned only once. Anyone who persists in acting in a manner that is putting themselves or others at risk will be asked to leave the site immediately.

First Aid

The Instructor in charge of your course will be trained & proficient in First Aid. All of our instructors hold a Remote Emergency First Aid Qualification. On site we have a fully equipped First Aid kit. We also have in place a first aid protocol should a situation arise that requires the Ambulance or Air Ambulance service.


Food Preparation

All of our instructors responsible for preparing meals have passed a Food Hygiene Certificate Level 2 For Catering. All good food practices for hygiene and safety are practiced in our outdoor kitchen and open fire cooking environments. 

Payment Guarantee

Upon receipt of payment for a course we will confirm by email that you are fully booked and provide you with a password to access the Forms Page to input your additional information.


We must be in receipt of payment and the completed forms at least 2 weeks before your course commences. 


If you cancel after paying

More than 2 weeks before your course commences we will refund the full price minus £20 for administration costs.

Less than 2 weeks before your course commences we will refund you half of the full price. 

If Spirited Adventure cancels your course after payment

If for any reason we are forced to cancel prior to the course commencing we will offer you alternative dates. If this is unsatisfactory then we will refund you the full course price immediately.


If we are forced to cease training during a course on clear and reasonable grounds we will offer you the same course on alternative dates or 50% of your course price.