Opportunities For All

Here at Spirited Adventure we are always searching for ways to expand our horizons and knowledge so we can offer a greater variety of adventures. 


Freelance Instructors

If you're a freelance instructor with a course you'd love to deliver with the Spirited Adventure framework, please get in touch for a chat. If you have the skills & the kit, lets put on a course, we'll advertise and bring in a crowd.



You may already be delivering talks or demonstrations to the public but you feel it is time to make more of them and bring it to an outdoor arena.


If you haven't been able to fully realise the potential and create an interesting course or experience, then please get in touch. We can work with you to create the perfect course.



We are always looking for Freelance Instructors to work with us delivering our existing courses, so if you feel we could be one of your clients please get in touch.



We are always happy to hear from anyone with a passion for the outdoors who feels that they could be a part of the Spirited Adventure team. Roles include Camp Assistant and Instructor's assistant.


If you have any other ideas we haven't mentioned above then please get in touch to see if we can help you.

Happy Days.