The Gallery 2013/14 - The good, the bad and the ugly. The who and what's that of Spirited Adventure Uncovered.

                                           Summer 2014                                 Weekend Bushcraft & beginners Air Rifle Marksmanship Course

Trainees on the 2 Day Beginners/Intermediate Air Rifle Course

August 2014 The first 2 students pass with bullseyes

First breakfast with guests

July 2014 - the Parachute HQ goes up for the first time

June 2014 - Attaching the steel cable for the parachute to suspend from.

2013 - Testing some kit for the Academy

More Testing for the Zip Wire.

I think the girls just like to have the zip wire whenever we go to the woods, who can blame them.

Getting the Range ready


Here are a few photographs taken during a day of testing and dry running the Kids Wild Wood Adventure, with the help of my family.

Marksmanship Academy

More testing, this time it all about the equipment and the targets.