So What's Spirited Adventure All About Then

Everyone craves some sort of wild experience, whether it’s an easy stroll through the countryside and coast or something a little more focused and skilled like long-term survival and self-sufficiency training. 


Anyone who has ever spent any time around an open wood fire, watching the orange and blue licking flames, feeling the heat, cooking with it or just simply chucking another log in it, will agree that the experience is truly inspiring.


Those of us living urban lives have removed ourselves from nature, and subconciously we crave to reconnect with it. Spending time in the outdoors - feeling the warmth of the sun on our faces, the scent of flowers in our nostrils, the thrill of an awesome sunrise or sunset, can give even the most tired of souls a boost. The sense of tranquility time spent in nature can bestow on us lasts long after we have returned to the hustle and bustle of our normal lives. 


Our aim at Spirited Adventure is to strengthen mind, body & soul through experiencing the great outdoors. The courses are designed to inform and excite you, in a fun and entertaining way. 

Local Produce

At Spirited Adventure we are firm believers in building a better community and protecting our environment. With this in mind we aim to source all of our resources locally, be it our bread, sausages or even our staff.


All of our activities have low to no impact on the land. The main outdoor sites for Spirited Adventure all have temporay constructions. We set up the Parchute HQ, shooting range and wikiup composting toilets in the Spring and after the final summer course everything is packed away until the following year.


All our outdoor areas require a little year-round maintenace, such as keeping the brambles & nettles under control. We do a little coppicing within the bushcraft camping areas and we are always collecting dead wood for the summer to use on our open fire.


We are constantly researching ways to make our setup more sustainable and are currently looking at the possibilities of installing wind or solar power generators. You may have left your busy lives behind for a few days when you're with us but I bet you brought your mobiles which may need recharging!