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Birch Bark & King Alfred's Cake


You need to make a fire, but don't know where to start. Well the trees may hold the answer for you. I take a look at a couple of methods to start a fire from natural tinders found around the tree.

Kids Wild Wood Adventure


By Parents


Filmed by parents from a 2 day "Kids Wild Wood Adventure" during the summer. Lots of activities and camping fun for families. Try your ability on the obstacle course or attempt the blindfold trail. 

Bushcraft & Air Rifle

Marksmanship Weekend Adventure



Spend 2 days learning what it takes to survive in the wild and learn air rifle marksmanship. A great weekend sleeping in the woods under the stars in tarp shelters and cooking on an open fire. Discover skills you never knew you had.


"Spirited Adventure"

Air Rifle

Marksmanship Adventures


Let's go on an Adventure and try air rifle marksmanship in a day or stay overnight camping in the woods under the stars and learn to shoot like a professional over 2 days. Bring the family and try your hand at bushcraft and marksmanship over the weekend. 1 & 2 day adventures for all ages.

"Animal Hunt" on a Kids Wild Wood Adventure



The Wild Animal Hunt is designed to inspire children about our wonderful wildlife. Getting children to silently and slowly really look at their surroundings produces some very interesting results.


Weekend Bushcraft & Air Rifle Marksmanship Adventure



When you arrive at the woodland your first challenge will be to build your own Tarp shelters for the weekend. Instructors will help and guide you through the process to make it the most comfortable night in the woods.


Weekend Bushcraft & Air Rifle Marksmanship Adventure



Tarps, camp beds, cooking pots and kit is available for you as soon as  arrive in the woods. We have everything you need to survive the weekend.


Kids Wild Wood Adventure



Lead your children around a blindfold trail where they must negotiate under, over and between obstacles. Keep the blindfold on and guess a selection of natural items.

"TINDER BUNDLE & FIRE" Weekend Bushcraft & Air Rifle Marksmanship Adventure



Learn how to make a tinder bundle, a fire and cook your lunch on the fire.




Plenty of fun targets to hit while learning the principles of air rifle marksmanship. Spend a day or 2 days or mix shooting with bushcraft over a weekend.

The Obstacle course on the Kids Wild Wood Adventure



Try to escape the the wild wood, buy crossing the river, avoiding the snakes and crocodiles. If you can cross the ravine on a rope bridge you may be able the escape the wild wood on the zip wire.

Tiny Tales

"The Wicki-up Toilet"



Everyone needs a place to go when they are out and about in the woods. So we built a wicki-up tarp covered toilet. Employing the latest technology in composting toilets.

"How to make Beech Leaf Noyau."



"How to make Beech Leaf Noyau" and how to identify Fagus sylvatica, featuring a soundtrack from a talented musician Barney Newman, taken from his latest album "Chopping Wood". 

A big thank you to everyone who helped with this fun video. Thanks from Spirited Adventure.


Excerpt from Bushcraft

Air Rifle Weekend from all our

Air Rifle Marksmanship Adventures


Spirited Adventure presents - Weekend Bushcraft and Air Rifle Marksmanship Adventure. Part of the weekend involves a talk and demonstration on fire making. In this excerpt we take a look at how you might start a fire with matches, ferro rod or a lighter.


from all our

Air Rifle Marksmanship Adventures


Safety is a big part of any shooting skill, here on the shooting range we take you through the many safety procedures to ensure everyone is acting safely and having a fun packed activity.

"Fun Targets"

from all our

Air Rifle Marksmanship Adventures


Fun targets on all our Air Rifle Marksmanship Adventures. Balloons, knock-overs and exploding targets. Let the fun begin.

Survival Shelters


"Weekend Bushcraft & Air Rifle

Marksmanship with Tarp Camping Adventure"


A short example of Survival Shelters from our "Weekend Bushcraft & Air Rifle Marksmanship Adventure." 


What would you do if you are forced to stay out overnight in the wilderness?

Fallen Tree Climbing




Discover & learn how two woodland adventurers climb trees. It's not as easy as it looks. Well done girls.



1st of May

Pheasant Dinner



While out working, this happened! An opportunity to shoot a pheasant for a family roast. For my daughters aged 5 & 7 it was the first time they tried roast pheasant and they loved it. It was really tasty. Njoy.



18th of April

 Episode 2

Tiny Tales From Tarp Wood

"Reflector Oven"

After a hard day preparing the camp site we decided to have Roasted Beef and Vegetables cooked by the fire in our home made reflector oven. It was amazing. Njoy.


10th of April


Woodland Wild Walk



A wild walk to explore the woodlands. We always try to leave the paths and wander from one interesting thing to another. It amazing what you can find if you look. Njoy


3rd of April


One Log Fire


Starting a fire when it's raining can be difficult if all the kindling is wet so try using just one log. It needs to be chopped into various sizes including feather sticks for the kindling. Well I tried it in very wet and windy conditions with mixed results.


27th of March

"The Campsite"

Episode 1 of 5 from

Tiny Tales From Tarp Wood.


The campsite is situated within a wild wood, which requires a yearly short-back-and-sides before the tents and tarps move in.


"Tiny Tales From Tarp Wood" is a collection of 5 short films created from stills photography.


20th of March

Den Day Out


A day in the woods with my daughters and a quick lesson on shelter building.


13th of March

Prepping The Adventure.


Episode 6 "Parachute HQ"


Before the adventures begin, the last job we have is to put up the parachute and dig a fire pit. Now it's up to you. Come and have some fun in the woods. Njoy.


6th of March

Prepping The Adventure.


Episode 5 "Tarp Classroom"



The Tarp Classroom, a new area for us this year, for when the weather is at it's most unpleasant. Njoy.


28th of February

Prepping The Adventure.


Episode 4 "Firewood"


 Collect the firewood from around the farm ready for our guest and for cooking with in the parachute HQ


Available from the 21st of February

Episode 3 "The Big Burn"

from the mini series Prepping The Adventure.


All the cleared brambles from earlier in the year need to be burnt so the grass can grow, and a handful of other tasks. 


Available from the 14th of February

Episode 2 "Getting The Land Ready"

from the mini series Prepping The Adventure.



In this episode we deal with a natural disaster and find some useful natural resources. 


Available from the 8th of February

"Prepping The Adventure" 6 part mini series


Episode 1 "The Site Survey"


 Available 1st of February

"Prepping The Adventure" is a 6 part mini series available from the 1st of February.


Join us on our journey over the coming weeks and witness some of the preparations undertaken before the adventures begin in the summer. Spirited Adventure is run from a farm in Hampshire with a low to no impact on the environment which means we must construct our areas of operation every year.


Behind The Scenes Out-takes

from an upcoming mini series.

Behind The Scenes

30 second snippet from an upcoming mini series.

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